Berlin Open Lab Symposium #0

mini-introduction to & projects

UdK/ECDF Digital Education Team (Frederic Brodbeck, Hibiki Ishijima, Dorothea Müller, Paul Seidler & prof. Daniel Hromada)

Digital Primer Intro

Das digitale Fibel-Projekt hat zwei Zweige. Der erste bezieht sich auf die Erstellung eines physischen, buchähnlichen ("embooked") Artefakts, das mit der Stimme von Eltern, Lehrern oder älteren Schülern unterrichtet. Zweiter Zweig bezieht sich auf web-basiertes Projekt

(Lesekompetenz & Künstliche Intelligenz, Seidler & Hromada, next edition of Kindernothilfe Magazin)

Personal Primer Demo

Personal Primer :: Main Tenets

Current Features

Gesture Sensor (contact-less)

MYOD - Make your own device

Circadian - device can be programmed for deep sleep and automatic wake-up

In the process of Implementation:

Offline (edge-computing) Speech recognition

LRS Diagnostic toolbox (Berliner Digitale Leseprobe)

At address You will find a growing collection of phonobook contents. Phonobook is a multimedia format where audio signal is enriched with information describing segments of the audio (e.g. words, syllables, phonemes, musical notes), interface to create such annotations is currently subjected to patenting process at Patentamt. uses Kastalia Knowledge Management System for creation of many different repositories (Grimm Fairy Tales, Tongue Twisters, Lexicons etc.)

English Tongue Twisters


Small syllabic lexikon is a didactic experiment in domain of outdoor online teaching whose first iteration will take place at BOL the week around this year's summer solstice (17.6 - 23.6).

Supported by Stifterverband's fellowship program "innovationen in Hochschullehre".

Achtung, Experiment !

During the SoSe2021 seminar "Gestaltung und Einsatz eines solarbetriebenen Online-Bildungsinstruments: Klang & Ton" students will build solar-driven, batteryless sound artefacts.

During the SoSe2022 Summer University seminar "Gestaltung und Einsatz eines solarbetriebenen Online-Bildungsinstruments: Papier & Tinte" students will build solar-driven, batteryless artefacts with electrophoretic (e-ink) displays.

In both cases, teacher will be outdoor (potentially walking, consistently with principles of Σχολή Περιπατητική), off-the-grid and shall communicate with students through combination of well-tailored open-source tools (Matrix Protocol, teacher.js) .

If it will rain then I have a problem ;)
Public matrix room
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