Carbon-Neutrality and a Digital School:
can we align them?

 Prof. Daniel D. Hromada, PhD. et PhD.
Illustrations by Niklas Apfel (

Order of the day

Introduction & Bildung (Öko)digitale

Example ("digital school") & definition ("carbon neutrality")

die Energiebilanz

Rhytmic devices and services

Eutark devices and buildings

Raising awareness

Administrative Post Scriptum

Einatmen 1 :: Bildung Biodigitale

Bildung BioDigitale = humanism + digitalisation + ecology

Goal 1: Establish a bridge between organic (carbon-governed) and digital (silicon-governed) realms

Goal 0: Survive

Method: Education

A Digital School ?

desktop PCs,notebooks, tablets, smartphones, raspberry PIs & IoT devices, GPUs, beamers, displays, audio (amplifiers, active speakers, broadcasting systems), interactive whiteboards, fiber optic adapters, routers, switches, hubs, WLAN access points, antenas, printers (including plotters, 3D printers, lasercutters, CNC cutters etc.), augmented / virtual reality environments, surveillence & security setups, different kinds of "smart" sensors and controllers, power supply and power management units, TPUs, ASICs, servers, automats, robots etc.



If a person, organization, event, etc. is carbon-neutral, it does things such as planting trees to reduce carbon dioxide by the same amount as it produces it.

die Energiebilanz :: operational costs

UdK Medienhaus power consumption in 2018

Electricity 141 MWh
Heating 1086 MWh

*data provided by UdK's Referat für Gebäudemanagement


Greenhouse gas equivalent of 1227 MWh

= cca 862 tons of CO2 =

sequestrable by cca 14000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years


Potential gain by installation of photovoltaic panels on south-oriented roofs of  Front and Back buildings of UdK's Medienhaus

Annual energy yield 262MWh
Annual CO2 avoidance
184 t

* simulation by

Das Ergebnis dieser Bilanz:

das System ist aus der Balanz.

wasted energy                                                   (a "multiple-with-time" formula)

Rhytmic devices & services

Hromada (2019) Circadian and eutark reduction of the energy trace of a digital school. Synergie #7

"A circatemporal device (or service) is defined as a device (resp. service) with pre-built rhythms. Ideally, both software and hardware behind such devices (or services) are designed & optimized to be automatically turned “on” and “off” on a regular basis."

a circadian device                                                                   (a "digital Primer" example)

Hromada (2019) After smartphone: towards a new digital education artefact, Enfance,


"... The major boot-up time of our current Primer prototype is at 14:30 ... Consequently, the Primer is active for an hour, inviting the Child to perform whatever activities she finds appropriate (e.g. reading, writing, speaking, listening, arithmetics etc.). 

After one hour, the artefact shuts down on its own ..."

das Rezept

Raspberry Pi Zero + wittyPi + optimized OS + e-ink + "small-data" + solar

Eutark devices

Hromada (2019) Circadian and eutark reduction of the energy trace of a digital school.

"We define an energy-autark (or simply "eutark") device as a device able to produce energy necessary for its own operation."

A little note

Once loaded, the content displayed by an e-paper (e-ink) device can transfer information (or even teach) without consuming any energy.

Raising awareness

Hromada (2019) Circadian and eutark reduction of the energy trace of a digital school. 

"... at the end of the day, it may be the case that the very design of the educational medium shall motivate a pupil to turn off the light when leaving the classroom and opti­mizing the thermostat settings when leav­ing the school.

An auto­-catalytic spark of responsibility has been ignited and gigawatthours of energy can be, in the long run, saved."

Eutark buildings and CO2-neutral campus

trees instead of lawns

plants, plants, plants


heat the building with machine-generated excess heat

heat pumps, heat pumps, heat pumps

algae photobioreactors

carbon-sequestrating paints ...

P.S. Verwaltung

"Repair cafes", "Nachhaltigkeitbureau", "Energieberatung" u.s.w., das alles ist schön und nett und besser als nichts.

Aber der Klimanotstand ist schon da.

Was wird also dringend gebraucht sind nicht nur Berater(innen) sondern Inspektor(innen), Beauftragte und Referate mit Befugnis zum Handeln.


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