Prof. Dr. Daniel D. Hromada
Digital Education UdK / Einstein Center Digital Future

What is AI about ?

A mini-lecture "What is

0. Generalization

0.0. Classification

0.1 Regression

1. Prediction

2. (Machine) Learning

2.0 Supervised learning

2.1 Unsupervised learning

2.2 Reinforcement learning

2.3 Oracle learning

3. Operations with (and on) numbers


3.0 Scalars

Scalar is a monadic, atomic, (i.e. non-divisible) entity. 

A number, for example.

3.1 Vectors

Vector is an ordered sequence of scalars.

3.2 Matrices

Matrix is an ordered sequence of vectors.

3.3 Tensors

This topic is quite tense so let's not get into it today ;)

4. Agency

4.0 Sensing

By means of her sensors, AI is aware of phenomena occurent in her Um-welt.

4.1 Decision-making

...she makes decisions...

4.2 Action

...and acts accordingly, thus modifying her / our / Your consensual reality. 

What is AI NOT about ?

...stay tuned...