• Digitales Ankommen :: 10:00 - 10:15

  • Einatmen 0 :: Course introduction

  • Ausatmen 0 :: Your introduction

  • Einatmen 1 (BIO) :: Avocado

  • Ausatmen 1 :: Discussion

  • Einatmen 2 (DIGITALE) :: Formal Systems

  • Ausatmen 2 :: Break-out rooms test

  • Sprichwort

Introduction :: Formalities

As long as the physical access to University si forbidden, we are going to meet in this Big Blue Button room.

You can get here by one single click from the address BAUMHAUS.DIGITAL

Modules : You can validate this course either as seminar of module Wissenschaften (VK), Theorie (KuM) or Studium Generale course.

Leistungsnachweis : Seed, plant or create an organic, digital or artistic tree and present the report about its growth.

You'll get two credits for Studium Generale (+positive note if You're exceptional); 3 credits for Wissenschaften (or 5 if You would write a 8-10 page essay).

Example :: artistic tree by Luis Eleazar Tamani

Introduction :: digital ediquette

Please have Your camera turned off and microphone muted when You're not speaking.

Make sure that You use as stable & fast connection as possible (for example, connect through cable and not WLAN; if using WLAN, try to be in the same room as Your router etc.)

Before complaining that something does not work, try to solve a problem Yourself.

Be playful: start exploring functionalities like "chat" and "shared notes"

In case You feel really really lost, write a chat message to Paul, Felipe, Nikoloz or Dorothea.


Remember: friendship is everything

Ausatmen 0 :: Please introduce Yourself

  • Who are You ? (Semester, Studiengang, Skills)

  • What do You expect from this course ?

Who am I ? (Daniel)

  • founder of oldest Slovak digital community kyberia.sk
  • Bc. in humanities (Charles University in Prague) and Bc. in linguistics (Universite de Nice Sophia-Antipolis)
  • MSc. in cognitive sciences (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris)
  • PhDs. in psychology (Universite Paris 8) and cybernetics (Slovak University of Technology)
  • ex IT-Admin of UdK's Medienhaus
  • Digital Education juniorprofessor (Einstein Center Digital Future / UdK)

Einatmen 1 (BIO)

Einatmen 1 :: Bildung Biodigitale (Entwurf)

SoSe 2020 / AE50 - Of Organic and Digital Trees
SoSe 2022 / AE52 - On three forms of Evolution
SoSe 2024 / AE54 - Computational Beauty of Plants
SoSe 2026 / AE56 - Über Knoten, Kurven und Kreise  

Einatmen 1 :: Bildung Biodigitale

Bildung BioDigitale = humanism + digitalisation + ecology

Goal 1: Establish a bridge between organic (carbon-governed) and digital (silicon-governed) realms

Goal 0: Survive

Method: Education

The Core Metaphor(s) :: Subjective variant

Observer observes a certain similarity-of-forms, a certain "morphism", between organic entities known as "trees" and structures of the digital realm.

Observer observes a certain similarity-of-forms, a certain "morphism", between organic processes known as "germination, differentiation, growth and decay" and processes taking place in the informatic realm.

Einatmen 1 :: Avocado

Last winter/early spring bought a Kiste of avocados for 3 euros at Türkisches Markt at Görschstrasse / Yorckstrasse.

Germination most probably took place in compost.

Developped wonderfully until cca september, survived a Blatt-läuse attack, managed to adapt to the local soil.

Started losing leaves in autumn.

Survived first Berlin winter.

Ausatmen 1 (BIO) :: Discussion

Ask, criticize, go for it !

Einatmen 2 (DIGITAL) :: Formal Systems

WIKI :: A formal system is used for inferring theorems from axioms according to a set of rules. Each formal system uses primitive symbols (which collectively form an alphabet) to finitely construct a formal language from a set of axiomst through inferential rules of formationThe system thus consists of valid formulas built up through finite combinations of the primitive symbols—combinations that are formed from the axioms in accordance with the stated rules.

Ausatmen 2 (DIGITAL) :: Break-out room test

You are now going to be randomly divided into 3 break-out rooms.

Please try to discuss the question "What is a formal system ?" and why does Douglas Hofstadter represents it as a "tree" in his marvelous book "Godel, Escher, Bach" ?


yatra vanam tatra vrksah
where forest there tree