Order of the day

  • 10:00 - 10:10 Digitales Ankommen

  • Einatmen :: Repetitio :: Session 0

  • Ausatmen :: Questio :: What is an organic tree ?

  • Einatmen :: (BIO) :: Apple

  • Ausatmen :: Disputatio :: Apple associations

  • Eintatmen :: (ART) :: Mythology and art

  • Ausatmen :: Lectio :: The Man Who Planted Trees

  • Einatmen :: (DIGITALE) :: The tree of processes

  • Ausatmen :: Referatio :: Avocado 1; Lemon 0

  • Sprichwort

Questio :: What is an organic tree ?

You are going to be randomly associated into five "break-out" rooms.

Within each room, address the question "What is an organic tree ?" with words, pictures, songs, free associations.

(if You use the "shared whiteboard" functionality don't forget to make a screenshot before the break-out room closes)

You have 12 minutes. Afterwards, each group's speaker will be asked to do a 1 min report.

REMEMBER: There is no correct or incorrect answer.

Appletree (Malus domestica)

Associatio :: Apple / Apfel

Please put into the "shared notes" (geteilte Notizen) any concept which You associate with the word "Apple".

Each student should write on one single line, please separate different concepts with the comma sign ",".

For example:

Health, Vitamines, ...

Schola :: Apple in mythology and art

Avalon = Insula Pomorum

Iðunn and Loki

The Garden of Hesperides

Atalante and Hippomenes

The Judgment of Paris

Adam and Eve

... in Music, Poetry and folklore ...

Mozart :: in einem kleinen Apfel

Goethe :: Valpurgis night discussion between Dr. Faust and Gretchen

Der über uns" (G.E. Lessing)

E.T.A. Hoffman :: Der goldne Topf

Grimm brothaz' :: Frau Holle; Snow white

Schiller :: William Tell

can You name some other song / myth / fairy tale / piece of art where apples play a role ?

... in science ...

... in business and marketing

Lectio :: The Man Who Planted Trees

Let's do our first podcast. I look for 10 volunteers who would like to read the part of a beautiful short story "The Man Who Planted Trees" from Jean Giono.

Please put Your name in "geteilte Notizen" if You are interested and agree with having Your voice recorded.

The Seed and the Soil

What a seed is to a soil is an idea to a young mind.

Process trees

Every time You boot Your computer (or a smartphone), a new tree emerges in the realm of information.

Persistent tree-like data structures

Folders / directories are branches and files are leaves.

Referatio :: Avocado 1


yatha vrksas tatha phalam
as is the tree so is the fruit