Pauls Research on Trees and Structure
This will be filled with resources and bookmarks related to trees
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PrePHD Research
PrePHD Research 2
while the last presentation was mainly about reseach into practical computational systems (turing machines etc) ,this presentation focuses on theorethical references and research towards numbersystems / and compuational systems and cognitive regonitions. Meaning looking into Questions of how compuational numbersystems arrived historical and questions regarding the epistemology of numbers (also with a focus on Bildung)
with recursive tree as (
  select obj,
         array[obj] as all_ancestors,
         array[knot_name] as ancestor_names
  from bounds left join knots on obj=knot_id
  where sub=1 and predicate='is_parent'

  union all

  select c.obj,
         p.ancestor_names || knot_name
  from bounds c
     join tree p
      on c.sub = p.obj
     and c.obj <> ALL (p.all_ancestors) -- avoids endless loops
     left join knots on c.obj=knot_id
select all_ancestors,ancestor_names
from tree order by all_ancestors;

Kastalia Task 0
please provide an algorithm which can transform lists provided by kastaliarbre.sql

 {6301,6302}                                                  | {Presentations,}

 {6301,6302,6303}                                             | {Presentations,,"Order of the day"}

 {6301,6302,6304}                                             | {Presentations,,"All which shall be presented is work-in-progress."}

 {6301,6302,6305}                                             | {Presentations,,"Reform Pedagogy"}

 {6301,6302,6305,6306}                                        | {Presentations,,"Reform Pedagogy","Waldorf Pedagogy"}

 {6301,6302,6305,6307}                                        | {Presentations,,"Reform Pedagogy"," Montessori Pedagogy"}

 {6301,6302,6305,6308}                                        | {Presentations,,"Reform Pedagogy","Freinet Pedagogy"}

 {6301,6302,6309}                                             | {Presentations,," Commonalities among Waldorf / Montessori / Freinet"}


into jsons having form

var treeData = [

"name": "Top Level",
"parent": "null",
"children": [
"name": "Level 2: A",
"parent": "Top Level",
"children": [
"name": "Son of A",
"parent": "Level 2: A"
"name": "Daughter of A",
"parent": "Level 2: A"
"name": "Level 2: B",
"parent": "Top Level"

Binary tree 6
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
The world is everything that is the case.
What is the case, the fact, is the existence of atomic facts.
Tractatus Info-Botanicus
1. Projection of a tree is observed.
2. One observes existence of morphism between arborescent components of the biosphere and arborescent components of the infosphere.
0 . Tree exists.