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Order of the day
What is a digital tree ?
You are going to be randomly associated into five "break-out" rooms. 

Within each room, address the question "What is a digital tree ?" / "What kind of digital trees do You know ?" with words, pictures, songs, free associations. 

(if You use the "shared whiteboard" functionality don't forget to make a screenshot before the break-out room closes) 

You have time until 10:40. Afterwards, each group's speaker will be asked to do a 1 min report. 

REMEMBER: There is no correct or incorrect answer.
Exercicio :: Binary tree 1-32
You will be divided into break-out rooms in which You will play the "number guessing game". Game goes like this:

one person chooses, in his|her mind only a number N between 0 and 31

other start at node 16 and ask "is N smaller than 16?" ... if the answer is "yes", You will take the upper/left road leading to number 8 ... if the answer is "no", You will take the lower/right road leading to number 24

now You ask, "is N smaller than 8?" (or 24)...again, if the answer is "yes", You take the upper/left road (leading You to 4, resp. 20), in other case You take the lower/right road (leading You to 12, resp. 28)

You repeat two more times until You reach the leaves of the tree....if N is odd, the leaf node where You finished is the number N

(if number N is even, than it is one of those numbers which You traversed on Your path, e.g. 16,24,20 or 22 if You ended up at leaf 23)

then another person invents the number and others guess.

P.S. this binary tree will help You :

Birch :: Birke :: Betula Pendula :: *bʰerHǵs :: The Luminant
A species of tree in the family Betulaceae (ord. Fagales, clade Rosids, kingdom Plantae). The silver birch typically reaches 15 to 25 m tall (exceptionally up to 31 m) with a slender trunk usually under 40 cm diameter. The bark on the trunk and branches is golden-brown at first, but later this turns to white as a result of papery tissue developing on the surface and peeling off in flakes, in a similar manner to the closely related paper birch (B. papyrifera). The bark remains smooth until the tree gets quite large, but in older trees, the bark thickens, becoming irregular, dark, and rugged. The leaves have short, slender stalks and are 3 to 7 cm long, triangular with broad, untoothed, wedge-shaped bases, slender pointed tips, and coarsely double-toothed, serrated margins.

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