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The core metaphor
"The Core Metaphor is false"
You will be divided into break-out rooms.

Please try to provide as much arguments as possible for the statement: organic and digital trees are distinct types of entities which have very little (resp. nothing) to do with each other.

In case You encounter difficulties, address the question: What distinguishes "organic" from "digital" trees ? How are these types of entities (concepts?) different from each other ?

You have 15 minutes. Frohe philosophieren !
L & C :: Language and Communication

Genealogical tree of programming languages.


Initiation into sanskrit.

(formal & generative) grammars.


World Wald Web.

Direct acyclic graphs (DAGs).

World Wald Web
How do trees communicate
Break-out room, 10 minutes.
Break :: Der Maulwurf kommt in der Stadt
Linden :: die Linde :: Tilia (cordata|platyphyllos)

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