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Making of a digital education artefact #1
Personal Primer (digitale Fibel, fantastische Fibel u.s.w.) is a digital artefact aiming to enrich narrative, mathematical and musical intelligence of a Grundschule pupil. It instantiates 23 attributes divided into...
Making of a digital education artefact #2
Make-Your-Own-Device (M.Y.O.D) and upcycling approaches will be combined to attain our common goal.

Keywords: digital artefacts, raspberry PI zero, upcycling, make-your-own-device, creativity, touchless man-machine interaction, zone of proximal development, electronic ink, algorithmic drum circle
Making of a digital education artefact #3 : E-ink
Make Your Own Device ! During this seminar, we are going to familiarize ourselves with e-ink technology: what are its main (dis)advantages in comparison to dominant display technologies. And we are going to connect our e-papers to Raspberry Pis and Arduinos and create some real stuff: e-paper based wearables (maybe), the second prototype of a digital primer and who knows, maybe a cool interactive but low-consumption menu for Medienhaus cafeteria. MYOD !

Grunewaldstrasse (Medienhaus) Raum 311
Wednesday, 16:00 - 19:00
bi-weekly sessions on: 30.10, 13.11, 27.11 (Berlin Open Lab), 11.12, 18.12, 8.1., 22.1. (Einstein Center Digital Future), 5.2
Wahlfplicht, 2 credits
M.O.D.E.A #4 : (Machine) learning and data (science)
In this course, we are going to follow some nice O'Reilly data science manual and, line by line, learn about meaning of terms like "feature", "multi-class classification", "training" and "cross validation" and, while doing so, acquire all necessary prerequisities of "the most sexy job of 22nd century".

We start this Friday (24th April) at 10:00 am

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