Invitation to Kastalia Knowledge Management and Archivation System
Daniel D. Hromada juniorprof. UdK-ECDF DigEd 

0. Relevancy for UdK & AG Online Lehre

Kastalia KMAS will embelish Your study program with on-line, collaborative and potentially quite state-of-the-art* Einführungveranstaltung presentations.
* KMAS frontend runs in browser and whatever (e.g. AI, gesture recognition) is possible in the browser is possible in Kastalia

1. Vergangenheit

"pedagogical province" in Hesse's Glasperlenspiel ::

activist and artist social network

tradition of KuM &VK Einführungveranstaltungen

Einführungveranstaltung Examples

2. Philosophy

Kastalia is composed of "knots" which have attributes and relations ("bounds") to other "knots".

Everything (e.g. user, institution, event, presentation slide, fairy tale, musical piece) is a knot.

A knot is a "Ding an sich". 

Bounds are predicated. (hello sir Berners-Lee, hello Wikibase, hello "semantic web")

A knot is presented to an observer (e.g. human user) by means of a template.

Combination of a knot, other knots which are bound to it and a template yield "Ding für uns".

Note 0 :: Generativity of Kastalia KMAS

What we are dealing with here is a fairly strong generative system.

E.g. in case of N knots and M templates, one obtains at least N*M different "Ding für uns".

Example 1 :: Different views of one knot

Let's display the knot of "Computational art" class (deCampo) by means of different templates listed in the "views" section of

ou bien un petit peu de 3D ?

cube0 (VK)

3. Gegenwart

the UdK instance - currently contains cca 12000 knots - is supervised by Medienhaus IT-admin Frederik Mueller and is, for all practical purposes, independent from its inceptor

for the purpose of and "open online learning" projects another instance was deployed at and is further developped by my company UG

since 2021 it is possible to transfer "knowledge branches" between Kastalia instances example

4. Zukunft

additional study programs ? (in case of interest please contact me ASAP)

UdK archive / NFDI4culture ?

versatile backend for plethora of not-yet-existing web-based knowledge bases (e.g.

the most important web-based composition of my life

Thanks for Your attention

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