Make Your Pupil’s Embooked, Voluminous, Modular and Unique Digital Primer

(Hromada, Seidler & Kapanadze  @ 9. Münsteraner Workshop zur Schulinformatik / 4.6.2020)

Bauanleitung einer digitalen Fibel VON und FÜR ihre Schüler.

Digital Primer Construction Manual

right-hand variant

Part 0.0 :: Who we are

Daniel Hromada :: ddh :: Juniorprof. for Digital Education at Einstein Center Digital Future / Berlin University of the Arts; doctorates in cybernetics (Slovak University of Technology) and cognitive psychology (Universite Paris 8)

Paul Seidler :: pls :: Artist & Programmer; wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter;

Nikoloz Kapanadze :: nik :: Electrical & Computer Engineering; studentische Hilfskraft; Kunst und Medien Absolvent candidate

open-source advocates

Part 0.1 :: Aim of digitale Fibel / Digital-Primer project

create a new kind of digital, safe & secure, portable and sustainable Bildungsinstrument fulfilling the "23 Properties specification"

help elementary school pupils to learn how to read, write, solve basic arithmetic problems and develop algorithmic thinking

develop a new type of diagnostic & therapeutic tool for children & adults with Leserechtschreibschwächen

expand a community around an open-source & open- hardware, DIY, Make-Your-(School's|Class|Child's|Own)-Device project

Specification :: Properties 1-4

Book-like or embooked

Moderately voluminous


Unique and adaptable

Prototype 1.0

Part 2 :: Hardware

Raspberry Pi Zero WH

6 inch (800x600px) e-ink displays with IT8951 controller with <1s full refresh rate

ReSpeaker dual-microphone expansion board with WM8960 stereo audio codec and Grove I2C ports

Grove I2C gesture recognition sensor (PAJ7620U2) for touchless interaction (seeed)

wittyPi3 for clock, voltage \& current sensing and implementation of circadian boot and shutdown sequences

battery, micro USB charging circuit (TP4056), solar panel

Nik's introduction

Part 3 :: Apps

Apps ::

Apps ::

Apps ::

Apps ::

alias to 9. Münsteraner Workshop zur Schulinformatik presentation

Please click here to access the presentation "Make Your Pupil’s Embooked, Voluminous, Modular and Unique Digital Primer"

Part 4 :: Future projections

Some Links & references

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