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From the Blue Planet to Google Earth


PrePHD Research

Strange Turing complete systems

Physical Computing / Low / No Power Computing

~ watercomputers
~ gravitycomputers
~ crab computers


PrePHD Research 2

while the last presentation was mainly about reseach into practical computational systems (turing machines etc) ,this presentation focuses on theorethical references and research towards numbersystems / and compuational systems and cognitive regonitions. Meaning looking into Questions of how compuational numbersystems arrived historical and questions regarding the epistemology of numbers (also with a focus on Bildung)


Stanislas Dehaen - Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics

John N. Crossley - Growing Ideas of Number (The Emergence of Number)   *

Yuk Hui - Recursivity and Contingency (?)

Wesley C. Salmon - Zeno's Paradoxes 

Richard Dedekind - Was sind und was sollen die Zahlen  *

Marie-Louise von Franz - Zahl und Zeit  *

Janine McIntosh, Graham Meiklejohn and David Leigh-Lancaster - Number and the Child

Rochel Gelman and C. R. Gallistel - The Child's Understanding of Number

D.D Hromada - Prolegomena Paedagogica

Mathew Watkins  - Secrets of Creation - Volume 1 *

Alain Badiou - Number and Numbers

Secrets of Creation - Volume 1

- a introduction into number theory and prime number without mathemathical notation
- Creation of Number systems (Peano's Rules)
- Prime Factorisation - Analytic
"The primes can be explained to a schoolchild, a 5 year old is capable of understanding the idea of prime numbers"

Zahl und Zeit

- trys to  read C. G. Jung's concept of synchronicity, with the archetypal conception of natural numbers.
- takes insperation from Psychology, Numerology, Mathemathics, Religious Number Systems etc
- With this she tried to approach the unity aspect of being, "the Unus Mundus", which lies behind the phenomena of psyche and matter

Number and Numbers

- gives an overview of the mathematical foundations of his philosophy, which are mostly set and set-theoretical
- questions concerning structures of counting / numbers and sets
- historically follow the discovery of mathematicians like Dedekind, Fregge, Cantor and Peano

Growing Ideas of Number (The Emergence of Number)

... sketches the development of ideas of number from the simplest beginnings 

- history of numbers and numbering systems as a human system -

- Counting and counting practices from diffrent cultures (Number words, Numerals etc)
- Calculating by hand / Measuring

But also it takles Numbers from a psychology side through some disscussion of Jung

Participation in the 9th Münster Workshop for School Informatics 2020

The Digital Education Team presented the Digital Primer project at Münster School Informatics Workshop . This year's workshop topic "Mobile with informatics" was a perfect match for the contribution "Building instructions for a digital primer by and for your pupils" presented by the Digital Education Team. In the accompanying publication four characteristics of the Digital Primer are explained and a building instruction for a prototype is given. The publication in volume can be found here .

Presentation 'Make Your Pupil’s Embooked, Voluminous, Modular and Unique Digital Primer' is available here.


with recursive tree as (
  select obj,
         array[obj] as all_ancestors,
         array[knot_name] as ancestor_names
  from bounds left join knots on obj=knot_id
  where sub=1 and predicate='is_parent'

  union all

  select c.obj,
         p.ancestor_names || knot_name
  from bounds c
     join tree p
      on c.sub = p.obj
     and c.obj <> ALL (p.all_ancestors) -- avoids endless loops
     left join knots on c.obj=knot_id
select all_ancestors,ancestor_names
from tree order by all_ancestors;

Kastalia Task 0

please provide an algorithm which can transform lists provided by kastaliarbre.sql

 {6301,6302}                                                  | {Presentations,}

 {6301,6302,6303}                                             | {Presentations,,"Order of the day"}

 {6301,6302,6304}                                             | {Presentations,,"All which shall be presented is work-in-progress."}

 {6301,6302,6305}                                             | {Presentations,,"Reform Pedagogy"}

 {6301,6302,6305,6306}                                        | {Presentations,,"Reform Pedagogy","Waldorf Pedagogy"}

 {6301,6302,6305,6307}                                        | {Presentations,,"Reform Pedagogy"," Montessori Pedagogy"}

 {6301,6302,6305,6308}                                        | {Presentations,,"Reform Pedagogy","Freinet Pedagogy"}

 {6301,6302,6309}                                             | {Presentations,," Commonalities among Waldorf / Montessori / Freinet"}


into jsons having form

var treeData = [

"name": "Top Level",
"parent": "null",
"children": [
"name": "Level 2: A",
"parent": "Top Level",
"children": [
"name": "Son of A",
"parent": "Level 2: A"
"name": "Daughter of A",
"parent": "Level 2: A"
"name": "Level 2: B",
"parent": "Top Level"

Binary tree 6




Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus


The world is everything that is the case.

Record of '1' by daniel-hromada



The world divides into facts.


The world is the totality of facts, not of things.


What is the case, the fact, is the existence of atomic facts.

2.02 - The object is simple.

2.1 - We make to ourselves pictures of facts.

2.033 - The form is the possibility of the structure.

The form is the possibility of the structure.


An atomic fact is a combination of objects (entities, things).

Tractatus Info-Botanicus

1. Projection of a tree is observed.

2. One observes existence of morphism between arborescent components of the biosphere and arborescent components of the infosphere.

2.3. It is impossible to prove that organic trees are NOT projections of informatic structures.

0 . Tree exists.

Record of ' 0 . Tree exists.' by daniel-hromada


Record of ' 0 . Tree exists.' by daniel-hromada


Record of ' 0 . Tree exists.' by daniel-hromada


0.1 Tree is a structure.