Carboard Primer
First functional cardboard-embedded artefact combining touchless gesture-based recognition (Seeed Grove Gesture Recognition Sensor PAJ7620U2)with an e-ink controlled by IT8591 board and some ANSI C coded  for the purpose of diagnostics of difficulties in acquisition of learning and writing (Leserechtschreibschwierigkeiten - LRS).

Diagnostics focuses on so-called "Rapid Automatized Naming" which is considered to be one among the most important LRS-predictors.

Visual content ("animal pictures") scanned from reedition of Lumen Picturae et Delineationis (Amsterdam, 1660, BE310).

Instead of a signature, this artefact contains a four-leaf clover (harvested in July) attached by duct-tape above the e-ink screen. Bottom of the cardboard shell is photovoltaic, making it possible to transform PappeFibel 0 or one of its derivatives into an energy-autarch ("eutark"; Hromada, 2019, AE49) digital education artefact.

TASK: Identify mismatch between visual and textual modality. 

INSTRUCTION OF USE: You interact with the device by moving Your hand in front of the Gesture Recognition Sensor (to the right from e-ink screen). Movement along vertical axis (up/down) maps to boolean (true/false, JA/NEIN) answers. Movement along horizontal axis (left/right) is used to browse the content. Rotation is used to switch between "learning" and "testing" mode.

CAVEAT: When changing modes of operation, new data has to be loaded into the buffer of the e-ink controller. This takes few seconds. Be patient. Breathe.
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